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How to Battle Nonsense

PhilosophiCat  was on Radio 3Fourteen discussing nationalism, culture, birth rates, the alt-right and how to fight back against nonsensical attacks.  She doesn’t believe in using reason and logic while arguing with insane people, instead, she advocates intellectual judo; take the other person’s nonsense and turn it around on them.

Oh yea, one more thing, she says “throw away your television.”

Check out PhilosophiCat and host Lana at Radio 3Fourteen.

Survival of the Richest

Is a new book by Don Jeffries that outlines the huge income disparity in the United States.  The worst part is, as Jeffries statistically details, the wage gap is only getting worse, to the point where the United States can no longer be considered a first world nation.

He was a guest on Coast To Coast AM this past Sunday, hosted by Richard Syrett.